Additional Services

Background Investigations

Unfortunately, with the prevalence of low-priced, internet-based, background checks, the public has been deceived. They believe they are actually getting something that they are not.

Many consumers are impressed by database printouts that look extensive; however, if examined closely, these printouts usually contain a lot of irrelevant, incomplete, and inaccurate information. In many cases, the report does not provide what a consumer actually needs.

Know the facts. Real background checks consist of a combination of all of the following:

  • Criminal history via court records research in all relevant jurisdictions
  • Civil court records research in all relevant jurisdictions
  • Traffic/driving records research in all relevant jurisdictions
  • Verification of education, work history, certifications, training, and all other relevant claims
  • Interviews of references, former employers, co-workers, and potentially current and former neighbors, as well as developed character references.
  • Credit and financial condition research

Of course, not all background checks need to be so comprehensive as to include all of the above; however, if you intend to have criminal records checked, you should actually have them checked.

By choosing Estes-Zako & Associates Investigations, you deal with a firm that understands the shortcomings of database resources and carries out its professional research in all of the correct jurisdictions. We provide complete and in-depth background investigations.

Employment Search

Clients often have a legal need to locate sources of income in disputed money matters, such as judgments, child support, and other litigation.

Our research will reveal if the individual is receiving benefits from workers’ compensation, welfare, social security, or unemployment.

Liability Investigations

Commercial litigation involves business disputes.

Civil litigation occurs in the civil law courts.

Estes-Zako & Associates Investigations provides attorneys and private clients the investigative tools to confirm or dismiss allegations of lawsuits, find assets, and locate disputed money.

Domestic Matters

We specialize in every type of spousal or matrimonial investigation. Whether it’s a simple background check or an infidelity investigation, Estes-Zako & Associates Investigations can help you make informed decisions.

Surveillance is the primary tactic utilized in domestic matters. There are, however, strategic considerations. Effective case management must include a comprehensive plan based upon precise legal and reasonably obtainable evidence, as well as accurate documentation procedures.

Clients hire our domestic investigation and surveillance teams to:

  • Prove infidelity
  • Document cohabitation to support the modification of alimony or support payment motions
  • Document child neglect, abuse, or endangerment
  • Determine a person’s level of competency
  • Verify someone’s activities to insure consistency with claims

Person/Witness Locates

Finding a missing person or a witness is a type of investigation and, yes, we do that kind of investigation. We can find anyone. The question is, how long will it take and is there a sufficient budget to support the effort?

To us, finding someone entails more than looking up a database record and charging your credit card. It means determining the current address and verifying the location as the correct address at which he/she resides or is employed.

So, how long does it take and how much does it cost? The answer is: We don’t always know, because every search possesses unique factors.

We are, however, professional investigators who know how to get the job done and follow it through to completion.

Real Estate

Our licensed real estate agent and investigator can assist you in the investigation of real estate matters.

Some issues you may have experienced might include the following:

  • Bad transactions
  • Disclosures
  • Unfair housing
  • Ethical issues
  • Risk management
  • Investigation of property managers
  • Crimes perpetrated on the property
  • Tenant screening
  • Or other services

Social Media

Social Media requires due diligence. We use social media information to better understand risks and gain deep insight on individuals and as a new information source to employee background checks in a compliant manner.

People give away information about themselves freely and often without restraint through social media and the open internet.

While traditional social media screening involves spending hours a day manually combing through site after site in this increasing number of social media sites, Estes-Zako & Associates Investigations offers a time saving option. We will find identifying information faster than previously possible through our automated search process and offer additional unique information typically lost during manual searches, all at a fraction of the time and the traditional cost.

Asset Search

When clients have a legal need to locate assets, such as collecting on a judgment or filing a lawsuit, they turn to us to uncover assets.

We can uncover bank accounts, stocks, bonds, real estate, and personal properties.

Please contact Estes-Zako & Associates Investigations for more information.